Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Ten of Treatment

This is going to be short and touch on just a few key points.

  • I still don't feel well. I have very little appetite, feel worn out from all the meds and supplements I'm taking, and got very, very depressed this particular PMS period. I felt like I wanted to cry over everything, and wanted to throw daggers at people (like telemarketers that woke me up from a nap, and my neighbor for mowing his lawn). I know, my hormones hate me because of the herx and detox. Must get worse first to get better. *sigh*

  • I've stopped the Diflucan. It was making me break out into a red rash (and acne!), a nasty bumpy combination all over my face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and arms. My dr. said it was OK to stop, since it was more for the candida and not treating the Lyme. While I can't be 100% certain it was the Diflucan causing the rash and acne, it's the only thing I'm taking that reports a very high incidence of both of these side effects and a host of other skin (dermis) effects as a direct result of expelling yeast and fungus from our bodies through our dermis. Now I'm choosing to go the natural route in treating the candida. Vitamins, antifungals and probiotics also treat this :)

  • I've added a powdered nutrition supplement called Reliv, in addition to 5-HTP, to my protocol as of yesterday. We shall see how those additions go. The first time I took the Reliv, I felt very sick to my stomach for a couple days. Does anybody have any experience with this product?

  • I'm trying to raise money for my healthcare bills by selling my music. My band has an EP out that is available at If you like Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Keane and Coldplay, you would probably dig my tunes :) Heck, you can actually hear samples at that link above, to decide if you like it before you buy it!!

    The disc is mixed, mastered, and professionally printed and shrink-wrapped! Makes a great gift if you know someone who likes this style. All proceeds go toward helping me pay my (so far) couple of thousands of dollars in bills for Lyme treatment. Thank you very much for your support! Here is a photo of the CD cover :)

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