Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Treatment is working!

Hi everyone, I started my Lyme treatment Sunday evening. I'm here to update you in spite of my inability to think or function on a basic level. I'll try to keep this short, because the brain fog is heavy, and I'm coming up short on cognition....

 For the first 24 hours after I started the "big daddy" (minocycline, the antibiotic and master of all my drugs), I felt no ill effects. Twenty-four lovely hours of resting, doing housework, writing emails, and landscaping my back yard, all in upbeat spirits!

 Then, last night, right after I took my probiotic and headed to bed, I started to feel edgy. I couldn't fall asleep, thoughts were racing, and it was like every bad scenario was playing in my head--I almost had a panic attack from the irritability and the swirling, negative thoughts. It had come on so suddenly after feeling stable and happy all day. My stomach felt funny too, but not quite nauseated.

 Since it happened right after I took my probiotic, I thought it was just a temporary side effect that would be gone by morning. When it didn't go away (and it's been 24 hours now since it began) is when I determined that it wasn't a pill--it's the herx starting. The herx!!

 All day today, I was incapacitated. The main herx effects are neurological, big-time, but it doesn't surprise me since the main target of Lyme borrelia has been my nervous system. It actually makes a lot of sense. The spirochetes in my brain/spinal fluid/nervous system are under attack, and dying off already, so the treatment is working quickly. It takes some people longer to herx, but I'm a highly (highly!!!) sensitive individual, so it only took me 24 hours.

 So here I am in the thick of it, I guess. Or maybe I haven't reached the thickest point yet. But I can tell you I wouldn't trust me to drive. No way. All I want to do is sleep, above all other herx effects. My vision is blurry, my fingers typing on this keyboard feel tingly, I feel confused about what day it is, I'm sweating some really nasty body odor, food tastes very different, and I'm borderline hallucinating.

 I think the Lyme are dying. And I'm detoxing.

 And just to run down the list of what I'm on for you, here's my daily protocol:

(In addition to a healthy diet of rice, steamed veggies, fruit, poultry, yogurt, low sugar, low gluten, low dairy, no caffeine, no alcohol)~

  • minocycline (antibiotic)
  • symbion (probiotic)
  • cymbalta (SNRI)
  • armour (thyroid)
  • cumanda (anti-viral)
  • samento (anti-viral)
  • diflucan (anti-fungal)
  • progesterone (hormone)
  • iodine
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin D
  • multi-vitamin (optional)
I may be adding tryptophan and colloidal silver to the protocol.

I'll keep you posted on my progression.

Also, I don't even know what I wrote above. I'll read/edit it later.... ha!

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