Thursday, February 16, 2012

Energy Is More Than A RedBull

It's the time of year when things barely begin their tilt in a new direction. Tulip bulbs are poking their extremities through the soil, cherry blossoms are adorning tree branches in all their delicate, miniature, blushing pink glory, and I'm on a new, proactive kick with my health. The new upswing comes thanks to a little something we on Earth call energy. I'd guess it's the most under-appreciated and ignored tool in terms of diagnosis and healing. 

First, a quick status update. As I posted in my last entry, I hit a bit of a snag at the start of the year that forced me off my protocol almost entirely. Now that I've gotten my stomach under control — knock on wood — I'm slowly building back up on my supplements. I was somewhat concerned about whether my delicate stomach would ever be able to handle pills again, but every expert with whom I've consulted on the matter has helped alleviate those concerns. If I take their word for it, my stomach lining is healed, the H. pylori is gone, and the new daily herbal capsule I consume (slippery elm bark, licorice root, mastica gum, bentonite clay) will protect my stomach. Okay — onwards. But if my stomach falters yet again, I may transition to rifing or i.v.s.

While I've been transitioning from digestive destruction back to pill protocol, I had the privilege of crossing paths with two reputable figure-heads in the Lyme world, each of whom does his/her own form of energy-based work.

The first was Tami Duncan, a Reiki master and healer who energetically tapped into the weakest parts of my body and produced astounding results. Without my even hinting at nausea during the first of our two sessions — during which the nausea was so severe I actually thought I would start to retch in the middle of it — she knew I had "a strong urge to vomit" and cleared it away energetically. Poof. No pills necessary. She also has, for lack of a better word, genuine psychic abilities. She knew a lot about my emotional stressors and my family history (all the way back four generations) without tricking me into divulging information, nor possibly having been able to research any of this nor having accessed my Facebook page. If you don't believe in energy healers, she'll make you a believer. It was magic. I only wish the results were permanent, and not just a fleeting sense of balance and clarity, but energetic work can only last so long when we live in an environment that constantly bombards us with negative energy (from humans to electronics and everything in between).

The second was a local ART specialist and the brains behind (whose name I'd rather not share publicly). Through his energetic tests, he was able to determine that I have everything I've already been diagnosed with (once again, I didn't give him this information) and a few other infections I had never been tested for, too. The energetic presences he detected, of which I already knew, included borrelia (Lyme), babesia, mycoplasma, fungus (candida), heavy metal toxicity, parasites, KPU (kryptopyrroles), thyroid malfunction, liver malfunction, intracellular brain malfunction, and lymphatic blockage. It was good to confirm that those did exist, not that I had any doubt. The new ones detected were borna virus, rickettsia, XMRV, and MARCoNS. Except for a few upcoming tweaks, my protocol is a pretty good one for these particular issues. I certainly felt it was working as 2011 passed, so it's unfortunate I had to cease it for approximately seven weeks to let my stomach heal. (On the bright side, quitting my supplements allowed my bugs to flare enough to be detectable in the ART session — and boy was a lot detected!) But I'm climbing back into the saddle and ready to squish their microscopic bodies to pulps — detox and binders, here I come!

I'm still seeing my doctors, Dr. Randy Baker in Soquel and Dr. Nancy Evans in Foster City. Nothing that Tami or the ART guy did contraindicates anything my Lyme doctors are doing — it only complements it.

A lot of what I've been doing lately involves some form of energy transfer, and I realize hard-nosed purists may find it laughable at best. But when you really analyze energetic work at its core, you'll find it's actually more aligned with science (physics) and thus, well, reality, than you might think. Being that I hardly excel at providing technical explanations for things, I'll resist the urge to try (and fail) at explaining the science behind any of the above concepts. And I realize that may weaken my argument. But I'm not blogging to try to argue or convince anyone of anything — I'm just sharing my experience. I'm one of the biggest skeptics out there whenever I come across anything new or sketchy, and I've seen first-hand the ways energy work is one of the most over-looked and powerful tools around (no pun intended).

While everyone reacts to energy fields to some varying degree, it usually takes the more sensitive types (you know who you are) to feel its effects. There were hints that I might respond strongly to energetic influences far before I experienced any Reiki or ART. The computer lab in college would aggravate neurological symptoms due to all the radiation. Walking barefoot and laying in the grass has always felt good to me due to its grounding capabilities. Holding zeolite up to my liver or thyroid have provided warm tingling sensations inside my body. Cell phone conversations longer than 10 minutes would give me a headache. And people's emotions have always affected my own. So I guess it's no surprise that I would strongly respond to the effects of energy work.

This journey continues to enlighten, educate, and............ energize me.

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