Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back from Wonderful Vacation!

Hi everybody, I'm back from an incredible trip to Texas and Arizona. Because I stopped taking all my medications and supplements days before my trip (except for a couple that don't produce any die-off and help with energy), I was able to get through six demanding days of socializing and trekking. While I inevitably experienced bouts of fatigue on my journey, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well I tolerated four flights and staying so busy in between.

Because of the people I surrounded myself with, and the adventures I went on, I can honestly say it was one of the best trips I've ever taken. (I can think of one or two that top it, but I've done a lot of traveling! Ha). When I got home, I was completely and deeply exhausted in every muscle in my body, but in one of those happily exhausted ways, like how runners must feel after they complete a marathon. (Not that I would know from experience).

Two days after I got back, after I'd resumed my treatment, I was feeling mentally and physically fatigued, weak and sore, so I opted for a mini massage offered in the corner of my local Whole Foods. Lucky for me, the masseuse, who appeared half gypsy, half hippy, specialized in energy work, acupressure points, and natural healing. After she "felt" that my kidneys, liver, thyroid, spleen, gallbladder and stomach were not functioning properly, and adjusting them via energy and massage, she recommended I buy a product called ChlorOxygen (read the customers' comments on the website). She doesn't profit off Whole Foods' sale of this product. She just suggested it because she could tell my body was thirsty for it. And I'm glad she did!

I've been taking the ChlorOxygen for a few days now and it has noticeably helped with two of my main symptoms: air hunger (shallow, gaspy breaths) and fatigue. I would recommend this product to anyone with any respiratory problems, blood problems or fatigue.

Anyway, it's good to be home, but I already want to go on another vacation! I think that's a good sign--of improvements?--and anyway,the summertime weather agrees with me.

Next up are two brand new supplements: Core for KPU (kryptopyrroles in my urine) and Diatomaceous Earth for parasites. Next time I blog, I'm sure I'll have experiences/side effects to share on those.

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