Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kittens, Dowsing, & Meta"physics"

Note: Please ignore any weird formatting you see, including highlighting of words. I don't know where this is coming from, and I don't know how to get rid of it.

Well, since I last posted, I didn't keep my word!

While I had every intention of focusing specifically on detoxing, life had other plans in store for me. Just after I posted my last entry, I found seven feral kittens (two litters) while walking a dog through my neighborhood. They were in bad shape — with eye infections, head colds, burns under their paw pads, being dehydrated and underweight, and in one case, with trauma from a predator.

Naturally, I trapped them all and brought them home, where I'm fostering them through a local cat rescue group who's going to get them all fixed and adopted when they're ready. The kittens are turning into such love bugs. Animal rescue work is so rewarding.

Anyway, it was really bad timing to adhere to a detox-only regimen, since the kittens very likely harbor viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens such as bartonella, roundworm, tapeworm, and toxoplasmosis which — contrary to popular belief — can be transmitted to humans and other animals. (We can't catch a cat's cold or feline AIDS, per se, because some illnesses are species specific, which is why it's widely believed humans can't get sick from cats or dogs).

Since I'm "high risk" of catching something from these kittens due to my lack of an immune system and like-attracts-like existing parasitic infections, I really didn't want to foster them. But all local rescues' fosters were already full. While I don't ascribe to the "martyr" mentality, I did feel it was worth putting my health at risk for a couple of months to save these seven lives.

But maybe I'm not actually doing myself any harm. At least, I'm trying not to. For one, I've increased my dosage of anti-microbials and all my "killers" to ensure that I kill off anything new that gets introduced into my body before it has a chance to take hold. This has the potential to make me herx more, but it's important. I'm also washing my hands with anti-bacterial (important in this case) soap after I leave their room and don't touch my face while I'm in the room with them. Also, they have no contact with my cats.

I'm still doing my good ol' detoxing, but instead of staying off the killers as I intended, I've ramped them up in addition to all the detox stuff.

The extra herxing and added stress is a little hard on me, but so far, I'm actually surprised at how well I'm handling it all.

Last weekend, I even made the three-hour round-trip drive to an all-day metaphysical conference by myself. (The "by myself" part isn't any surprise, as I do everything alone; the "all-day" part was the hard part.)

To those of you who don't know the meaning of the word "metaphysics", I'll try to explain it as best as I can. After looking up the definition on and finding numerous, varied and confusing explanations, I'll try to simplify it as follows: metaphysics and the metaphysical refer to alternative understandings of the workings of the universe. This can be the earth's vibrations, other planes, psychic mediumship, energetic healing, astrology, and more. (At least that's my personal understanding of it.)

This is the best picture I can find to pictorally illustrate my description of metaphysics:

Metaphysics describes so many aspects of life, air, water, earth, the tangible and the intangible, the visible and the invisible, that which is accepted by the mainstream and that which is not accepted — sometimes even declared heathen.

Most of all, metaphysics encapsulates the essence of everything's existence. The way I see it, metaphysics is actually just physics. All of it can be explained by the laws of physics — energy, movement, sound, sight, color, frequencies, vibrations. It's all very real and far from delusion. People who practice any of these aspects of metaphysics have simply found unique ways to tap into these things — they use extra senses that we weren't born and raised to naturally tap into, but they're there and accessible.

I wasn't sure what I had gotten into when I arrived at the event, where vendors at tables sold books and DVDs about various metaphysical studies, crystals, jewelry, dowsing rods, feng shui services, diagnostic health tests, aura readings, and more I can't remember.

I dove right in by initiating what ended up being a long conversation with one of the most thoughtful, sensitive and empathetic couples I've ever met. They were working a table offering various services and items for sale, but instead of trying to sell me anything, they got to know me, gave me a complementary DVD that tackles the emotion-sickness connection, muscle tested me for a homeopathic remedy they recommended (but didn't sell), talked to me about love and money, and told me that — in spite of the complexity of my illnesses — I had great "chi".

The day was off to a great start. Then it got better: I learned how to dowse! And, without trying to sound dramatic, I think my whole life has just changed, thanks to dowsing.

Dowsing is a process of measuring energy that both makes sound scientific sense and mystifies me at the same time. The pendulum or rod's ability to swing in response to words is just a manifestation of energy. But it's also like a Magic 8 ball, the only difference being that Magic 8 balls are just for fun and dowsing actually works.

I have no idea how it works. So I'm not trying to convince anyone to believe me. But, without going into the amount of detail necessary to explain my experiences with it over the last week, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it works for me. Every single response it's given me has been spot on. At times, it gains so much momentum that I'm dumbfounded by its seemingly magic ability to garner such energy without batteries.

Now that I've embarked upon this powerful tool, I don't think my life will ever be the same. I encourage anyone who's interested to learn how to dowse. It's easy to do, and I think it might change your life too.

I then had my aura painted by a lady who sees the colors of your aura (again, just energy in the form of a skill that some humans have developed). As a sidenote, if humans are able to develop skills involving extra senses like seeing the colors of people's auras, just imagine how much animals like dogs and cats can sense. We talk about them in terms of their strong senses of smell and hearing, but there are so many more senses that they have that we might not even have words for in our human vocabulary.

Back to the aura painting. It was a really simple painting involving the colors red, orange, blue, green and grey. The red was centered around my head and neck area — she could see that my neck and spine were not properly aligned. The orange was a spirit standing behind my right shoulder. The gray was right over my heart and indicated deep sadness (at least it wasn't heart disease!), and I can't remember what the blue or green indicated other than they were on my right side. Maybe they were emotion-based.

The thing that stood out the most from that reading was when she said, "I'm not getting nearly as big of an aura as I should from someone your age." As in, the energy field radiating off me was weak. Well, that's pretty much in line with, say, my inability to walk uphill as compared to others my age.

The last thing I did that day was have a mini-session using computer software that was able to detect imbalances and illnesses within my body. Again sparing too many details of results for brevity's sake, the most notable thing it picked up on was my heavy metal toxicity, namely aluminum, copper and arsenic. I've known since I was diagnosed with Lyme disease that I have heavy metal poisoning, but it's always been secondary (or even tertiary) to my seemingly-endless and seemingly-bigger priorities such as my thyroid disease, candida, parasites, my liver's inability to function as the detoxifying machine it should be, etc. etc. etc.

In the last year-and-a-half that I've been in treatment, I've done some gentle, low-level metal chelating (the process of removing metals from my body) mostly using minerals (which displace metals), and chlorella and cilantro (which bind to them), but nothing's been very effective. Considering that I've been using non-stick pans on which to cook my food, I'm not surprised I'm not shedding metals — I keep reintroducing them back into my body!

Since last Sunday, I've gotten rid of my bad pans and bought some cast iron and stainless steel ones.

As I've learned, people with Lyme disease (Lymies, as we call ourselves) are almost always metal toxic because the Lyme spirochete itself makes us mineral deficient, and when we are mineral deficient, our bodies grab hold of metals in their place. (Minerals are necessary for our survival and health, while metals are poison.)

In addition to some of the other problems identified using this software, my heavy metal toxicity has been programmed with the frequency of a homeopathic treatment that is being broadcast remotely.

If that statement was over your head, don't worry, it's over mine too.

Energy work (which I first blogged about in February 2012) has the ability to heal disease in many ways! Rife machines and reiki are both energy-based tools — the former using what we commonly understand as an "electrical current" and the latter using the natural electrical currents we harbor inside ourselves. Energy also has the ability to cause disease. Look at cell phone towers. Sadness and anger are "negative energy". What it boils down to is, really, everything is energy. Everything.

So why is it so hard to acknowledge that the energy in frequencies — which may be invisible to the naked eye but penetrate and permeate the air around us — can heal? Food and chemicals are widely accepted as triggers to disease (and they are simply energy in solid form!) but all of this intangible energy is often perceived as junk science, invalid, quakery, voodoo, simply because it's not commonplace or visible to the naked eye.

Not everything that is real or true has to be widely known. I relish in the thought that there are still mysteries and secrets in this world. They're not any less valid because of this. Not knowing about something doesn't make it less real.

As my day at the metaphysical conference came to an end, I walked along a dusk-kissed green field covered with cottontail bunnies like ornaments on a Christmas tree. They were out en masse! It was a sight to be seen and a great ending to the day.


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