Sunday, January 20, 2013

Spiritual Article and Free Lyme Test!

I recently came across an article entitled "Chronic Lyme Disease - Metaphysical and Spiritual Aspects" which explores an interesting theory I've developed through my own personal experiences with fellow Lymies over the last two years.

In her article, the author writes, "Chronic or late-stage Lyme Disease tends to affect people who have big things to offer the world. These people may already seem to be 'on their path' and often excel in multiple areas at once, including the healing arts. The illness seems to appear in people who could go even deeper with their healing and creative gifts but for one reason or another feel locked into their current lifestyle."

I have found the above to be true for every Lymie I know, including likely Lymies who haven't been tested. After meeting dozens upon dozens of chronically ill folk online and at in-person Lyme support groups and other communal/spiritual events, an obvious type of person kept appearing in front of me.

The auther continues, "Lyme patient patterns include: brighter than average in both intelligence and spirit, healing gifts that need even more expression than currently allowed, highly creative, and usually highly energetic prior to the Lyme fatigue."

Yes! But why? Why do the overwhelming majority of Lymies possess the qualities of above-average intelligence and creativity? I've been trying to come up with an answer to this for months.

As somewhat of a Myers Briggs Personality Type buff, I noticed early on that there are proportionally far more "NF" (intuitive feeler) types with chronic Lyme than in the general population. Then I heard from a chiropractor that right-brained dominance (creativity and emotion) goes hand in hand with chronic illness such as anxiety, depression and fatigue. According to him, a nervous system imbalance is responsible for this, and people can do left-brain dominating exercises (in the Myers Briggs world, left-brained people are considered "ST" or sensing thinker types) to try to balance our nervous systems and, in turn, heal our illnesses.

Some believe that people who are born with creative and sensitive qualities attract illness during their lives, while others feel the illness comes first and alters our brains, making us more creative and sensitive.

It's a topic that fascinates me.

For anyone who hasn't been able to afford a Lyme-literate doctor or the costly yet unreliable blood tests that diagnose Lyme, a new, possibly more reliable Lyme test is now available. It's a culture that takes days to actually grow the Lyme bacteria instead of looking for antibodies, and it's available for free right now. You do need a doctor to sign off on the kit — which is valued at $600 — but anybody with clinical symptoms of Lyme is eligible.

Info about the free culture test can be found here.


  1. Great post, Leila! I see this phenomena, too! It is obvious that so many people struck by this "Lyme complex" are sensitive, creative and passionate about sharing their experiences and helping one another.

    Can't wait to read and share this article and spread the awareness...see what I mean!

    I also felt "locked, stuck or better yet, blocked" in my attitude toward myself and others. My unconscious thoughts always swung to the negative. This was happening ever since I was a child. Being sensitive, I absorbed the negativity from the people around me...I never realized it until recently!

    I believe that many sensitive people are in the same boat. Awareness is what it's all about. If you are aware, then you can choose to change. I did.

    As I healed, my unblocking began...In essence, it's all about being balanced and changing your thought process to healing and love.

    Keep on writing and sharing your passion!

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