Friday, March 14, 2014

How are those Goals for 2014 Coming Along?

True to my proactive self (damn you, fatigue, for conspiring to hold me back!), I've gotten a running start on that list of goals I posted in January.

Here are the areas in which I've made progress:

0. Get my stuff back!
Oh, clever number zero, you. Starting off with a bang! I got my stuff!!!! Finally, finally.... What a crazy, incomprehensible little adventure that was. After the Department of Transportation and Budget Trucks and the courts of Jersey City ruled that we could all finally gain access to our stuff, several parties and I flew into Jersey City last weekend to claim them. This involved myself and a friend flying from Knoxville into Philadelphia (with a three-hour layover in Detroit), spending the night in Perkasie, PA, commuting into Jersey City the next morning, spending the day going through countless boxes in an unheated warehouse (it was thirty-six degrees in there), only to find that the overwhelming majority of my stuff was either broken, damaged, moldy, or, in a few cases, missing entirely. But, after nine months of living in a nearly empty house in constant anticipation of having my things, I finally have closure—and my dining table. And books. And clothes. 

6. Volunteer and/or work part-time outside of my house
Umm, I signed up to volunteer with the Historical Society, and was an absolute mess at their orientation last month. It fell on one of my "weak" and "fatiguey" days, and I thought I was going to require an ambulance at the facility. Then I was sick again on the follow-up day. So I'm putting my volunteer efforts on hold until I'm more stable.

7. Get another cat
Oh yes!! I sure have!! I adopted Sir Busterloo Fiddlesticks McGee, an orange tabby kitten from a local rescue group, in January. He's bundles of fun and helps fill the void left by Tiggy.

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