Saturday, May 14, 2011

General Notes from Dr. Klinghardt

The following is a list of highlights from a Teleseminar held by the world-renowned leading expert on Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism and Parasites: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. I have bolded the ones I find particularly fascinating and relevant to many of us, but I actually think ALL of them are interesting! :) I think everyone would benefit from reading these.

*According to Dr. Klinghardt, most people's Lyme disease symptoms are not from Lyme. The primary role of Lyme disease is to suppress the immune system so that other bugs and factors can cause symptoms.
*Symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, electromagnetic pollution, mold, and post-traumatic stress disorder can be identical. This is because all of these factors work together synergistically to cause symptoms.
*Residue from anti-depressants and sedatives stick on receptors in the brain for life, unless the person does aggressive detoxification to remove it. People who have been on such medications tend to have a poorer response to Lyme disease treatments.

*Neurological diseases are usually vascular diseases. Neuron degeneration is secondary to vascular disease, and results from blockages or constriction of the body's vascular system.

*All chronic fatigue patients have two things in common: First, viruses aren't their primary reason for fatigue. Rather, parasites and chronic sinus infections are more likely to be a primary cause. Eighty-six percent of people with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) have parasites. 

*Most people with Lyme have low serotonin. 5-HTP, theanine, and melatonin can help to increase levels. 

*People with chronic Lyme disease and mold don't often make enough anti-diuretic hormone, so they lose their water and tend to become dehydrated. The organs don't work well when the body is dehydrated. 
 *Tapping on either side of the head, above the ears, several times per day, downregulates an overactive immune system. 

*Chronic, antibiotic-resistant staph, strep and mold infections in the sinuses produce mycotoxins which enter the hypothalamus and affect its function. 
Chronic sinusitis is the most overlooked problem that most people have. Low back pain, migraines and fatigue can all be symptoms of sinusitis.
*How sick people get depends not upon the bugs, but rather, the strength of the body's immune reaction. Therefore, immune modulation is important. 

*Electro-magnetic field (EMF) pollution in the environment is doubling every year. Levels are currently 125 million times greater than they were just 15 years ago. EMF's damage our DNA.

*Molds release biotoxins to defend themselves from electromagnetic frequencies. They produce more toxic toxins than mold that isn't exposed to EMF's. This means that the molds and yeasts that people are infected with put out more virulent toxins in the presence of EMF's. Wow! 

*With each passing year, mold toxins will become more and more dangerous, due to increasing levels of EMF's in the environment. 

*High dose chlorella (20 tablets, 3-4 times per day, a half hour before bedtime) combined with high doses of fish oil (2 grams or 10 capsules per day), turns on the body's ability to remove mold, and turns on the cells' organelles for detoxification. Chlorella also binds a lot of radioactive toxins.

*Always treat parasites before other infections. They are the most hardy. Also, by treating organisms in order from large to small, you can often treat multiple organisms at once, because parasites and mold (which are larger than bacteria and viruses) tend to harbor these latter organisms. 

*Thirty percent of all people have staph infections in their noses that block the hypothalamus' ability to produce 1/3 of its hormones. 

*Bugs use the body's hormones, which is one suspected reason why the body downregulates its hormonal production in chronic illness.

*Osteoarthritis is a symptom of insulin resistance. 

*Gut inflammation and damaged villi in the intestines (from antibiotics and infections) causes cortisol levels to rise, which stresses the adrenal glands.

*The normal pH of urine is between 6.0-6.4. The normal pH of saliva is between 6.5-6.9. When pH saliva is lower than pH urine, the body may have kidney problems. 
Resolving emotional trauma makes the body more pH-balanced.
*Artemisinin is the most effective protozoal/malarial drug. 

*Electromagnetic fields activate ROS (reactive oxygen species), which creates oxidative stress, hypercoagulation, and other problems in the body. 

*The body's process of gene transcription is very precise, but random genes get activated by EMF's (ie, cancer genes).

*Studies on mothers of autistic children reveal that they slept in high EMF areas during their pregnancies. EMF’s are dangerous to the health of a developing fetus.

*X-rays cause leukemia.

*We all have the energy of hundreds of telephone calls going through us all the time. This is damaging to the body.

*Autologous stem cell therapies (using one’s own stem cells) is very effective for the treatment of chronic disease (cancer, diabetes, Lyme, MS, Parkinson’s, etc.), and for promoting longevity.

*Adult stem cells repair injured and diseased tissues. Aging is simply a decline in stem cell function.

*Many people who treat for Lyme disease only get about 60% better. Stem cells may be a good option for such people, although it’s best for them to do a thorough detoxification program first, or else they won’t get good results from the therapy.

*Parasite cleanses are useful for everyone. The more you de-worm yourself, over a lifetime, the healthier you will be, whether you are symptomatic or not.
 *Methylcobalamin is food for the nervous system. It restores damaged neurons and has a detoxifying effect upon the body.

*Alpha-lipoic acid aids in the detoxification of heavy metals, but is most effective for removing mold mycotoxins.

*There are four important treatment steps to healing all chronic illnesses: 

-Balancing the body's basic biochemistry (Ie, with natural remedies such as niacinamide and berberine for insulin resistance)

-Killing the microbes

-Downregulating the upregulated aspects of the immune system

-Detoxifying the body (especially from biofilms). Biotoxins can exist in the body for years, even after the bugs are gone, which is why it's important to get rid of them. Killing bugs alone isn't sufficient.


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